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This is just a random blog for the initiated. When I say initiated, those people who already know what privacy and anonymity is and who are concerned about what the details are at every moment.  So if you are not sure about what tor and anonymity is all about, try reading the other posts in this blog.

For those who really insist about knowing what this is about, there is something called “The Onion Routing ” aka TOR. TOR is an anonymizing program that allows users to get privacy and anonymity by hopping through different nodes. The benefit of this hopping is that it makes hard for someone who intent to know where you are really from.  There will be a post on TOR and how to use it soon.

What is this about?


I was trying some CTFs from my Ubuntu behind TOR. The fucking annoying Google captcha was causing a mess every time the ip changed. My config of TOR cauhttp://flaticon.comses the IP to change every 10 minutes or so which meant getting a persistent session was kind of a nightmare. It still it. 

But sometimes the Google Captcha makes me pretty much paranoid, so I kept checking my IP using Then it struck me why don’t I write a bash script, which is what I do pretty much neat.

DISPLAY=:0; XAUTHORITY=~owner_of:0/.Xauthority; export DISPLAY XAUTHORITY ; 
curl -s > ~/.torNotify    #fetching response into file
notify-send "IP Status" "`cat ~/.torNotify | jq '.'`" 


  • How to check the IP? – one of those online sites. I use – ( for json format including country)
  • How to parse the json format in bash? Use the jq library.
  • How to display the result? My personal favourite is notify-send because no user interaction is needed.


Why do we need it in the first place? Simple, I use to see what country I am browsing from and what are the details.

Why should you use it? No special reason. I use it because I liked the idea.

I have included an installer script as well.

How to use?

git clone
cd TorNotify
sudo chmod +x

That’s pretty much it. Tor IP notification by tornotify

README contains the documentation.

PS: This program is free and please feel to contribute or modify as wish.

PS 2: Tor Notify was developed and tested on an Ubuntu machine. Kali do not support notify-osd or crontab. I will come back to those issues asap. If you know how to, knock yourself out.


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