New Android VPN – UnSeen Online

Alright, I know it’s been a while. I admit that I felt a little pulled back in the last few weeks. I was feeling down. I myself went through the posts couple of times and felt like I had been saying too much things but not enough content. And the comment from hackabean made me think quite a lot. Telling people about stuff they need, it make us sound like jackass at times. But, hey that is what we all are when privacy is gone, nude photos, personal chats and fetish are published online by some random hacker who was anonymous enough for you not to track. This is the next blog in this series where I talk about privacy once again. If you are interested in privacy and anonymity, maybe you should read the previous posts in this series. This blog is about the new VPN client for Android called Unseen Online.

Internet censorship is causing much of a fuzz around in many countries as people are finding it difficult to do make calls and video calls using messenger apps like Whatsapp and Facebook.

There are a lot of VPNs available in the market, but here we are discussing  a new one which is called “Unseen Online”

The matter came into my attention when one of the audience in my recent talk asked what VPN is best to be used in Middle East. He is in Dubai and want to use something like a VPN to make Skype calls and Whatsapp calls.

The answer is Unseen online.

Unseen Online is comparatively a new VPN provider compared to other big fishes. For now they provide a VPN client for Android only. Their website says they have Windows and Apple devices coming soon.

Let’s hope for those to come fast.  

Unseen online is available in Play Store for Android.

Fire up Play Store and Search for Unseen Online

Install Unseen Online

Choose from the server you like

Once you choose and the VPN is ready , It will open the browser with new IP address..

Just like that.


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