Being Anonymous, An introduction

The great cathedral, the great things of life, great sculpture, must be anonymous. They do not belong to any particular person, like truth. Truth does not belong to you or to me, it is totally impersonal and anonymous; if you say you have got truth, then you are not anonymous, you are far more important than truth. But an anonymous person may never be great. Probably he will never be great, because he does not want to be great, great in the sense of the world or even inwardly because he is nobody. He has no followers. He has no shrine, he does not puff himself up. But most of us unfortunately want to puff ourselves up, we want to be great, we want to be known, we want to have success. Success leads to fame, but that is an empty thing, is it not? It is like ashes. Every politician is known and it is his business to be known and therefore he is not great. Greatness is to be unknown, inwardly and outwardly to be as nothing; and that requires great penetration, great understanding, great affection. - Source


I am not a hacker. But I am a security enthusiast. Kind of... I am here to bullshit people about how to stay anonymous and more bullshit about anonymity. 

When I was in my baby pants of trying to mess around web applications and servers, I never knew that there was something called logs. Trust me, I didn’t knew.

When I got a job as a so called “Quality Analyst” for a then reputed firm, I was right out of graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. And the only thing I knew was there was some programming languages. PHP - which was the losers choice. Then there is Java - which is free and people use it because of the “Free-ness”. Then there was .NET, which I tried to give a hand on.  And if you believe me or not I sucked at it. Even at a point I dreamt of a machine that could build any software that would make me more software just when I think it.

I told this preface about me because, I want you people to understand what kind of shitty person you are dealing with when you are reading this article about whatever I am writing about. For now, let’s say anonymity.


Why am I writing this. Yes, I will tell you a story. Those who dont give a shit about it, I mean TL;DR or whatever, go ahead and read below or read next chapters where there is content you are looking for.

Like I said in the brief about me, I was a naive stupid “just another” computer engineer who passed out of one of the several many engineering hatcheries. Learning engineering , especially in computer science was supposed to be like worshiping a god. Noone have any idea of what they are actually doing, but everyone is doing it.

When I finally joined a job, after months of job hunting, sending resumes to HRs who dont give a fuck about it, I landed for an interview. The CTO of the company had no interest in the so called  load of experience I had in the languages I mentioned earlier in about me.

All he wanted to know was how good the government offices were since my dad was working for a core office.

Well, I managed to get him off scratching my back. Then finally came the job day. I joined and was formally introduced to my team. Let's say, it was like everyone else. Boring inductions, self introduction which is a part of initial humiliation and so, and I ended up in my seat and my machine.

Linux : A name that I should respect. It is the interest to this operating system that landed me where I am today.

I ended my first day at job with a typo that said “F***” to the HR.

Then came teammates who have better knowledge than you, a blessing if you can be provoked easily... Yea, Its boring my story of job and all. Enough with it, but this is how I became what I am today. I ended up trying to compete with my fellow “enthusiasts” which in turn  allowed me to learn how to Learn.

The learning process went on and on for weeks and that is when I suddenly saw a popup on my computer asking

“Want to go for a tea?”  - Which was of course a system error warning making me fear Artificial Intelligence for the first time.  I panicked and closed my window, it asked me again and again and then came threats asking me “How dare you close my message?”. I ended up deducing that there is something wrong with me. Either I am hallucinated or my computer is alive, which made my then mentor LMAO.

End of the day I found out that I was hacked by one of my colleagues who wanted to show off his dominance in the field. Well, I give him that. He ended up becoming the CEO of a company that makes Security Products.  

That was the day I realized, the first step in securing someone else’s stuff is to save your own ass.

It took me three months to find out what he was doing to me and my machine, three months of absolute torture and mental frustration which pushed me deeper and deeper into the terms Linux, Hacking and GUI messages.

--------------------- TL;DR------------------------

The first idea of securing anything is to first secure your own stuff. That is to make yourself anonymous.

Anonymity is kind of a myth nowadays, I agree. But getting the almost anonymity is not much of a thing if you are willing to spend some time and effort.

Anonymity is of apex importance nowadays, especially when words like NSA, Big Brother, Cambridge Analytica, Snowden, Hacking, Spying and whatever scary words you can figure out.

“Greatness is anonymity, to be anonymous is the greatest thing. ” - Source

Yes, Being anonymous is a great thing now. Especially if we are serious about minding our privacy. Especially when we don’t want someone to be looking into us every time we connect to the internet. Especially when corporations are trying to implement targeted ads, political agendas, profile each and every user based on everything that they could find as a point of profiling.

In this blog, I will be covering how to anonymize yourself over the internet. How to hide your footsteps, how to stay the way out of profilers, targeted ads and people who “care” about what we are upto.

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  1. l have come into a wifi antenna and alfa device connected to it how can l set these up to get wi fi from open networks around me say mc donalds which is about a mile away

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