Internet Privacy,10 questions Part 2

Hey there, welcome back to the bullshit blog about privacy and anonymity. This is the second part of the two part bleeping questions that you might have to ask yourself to make sure your ass is not out there like you don’t care what happens to it. If you haven’t read the first part, take a look at it here. I talk too much to myself and most of that comes here into this blog. So if you are ready to take a load of bullshit that I am trying to tell the world, maybe you should keep an eye to the new posts. But that is up to you. No pressure here , you know, why should I force you to keep your privacy.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading, those who are doing it. I got a couple of comments, which was surprising , out of my heart, thank you all those who really read and replied. And yes, definitely I will write about creating a VPN router based on raspberry Pi as soon as possible. But you can also take a look at the Raspberry Projects by Ferrit. It too good to be ignored.

Privacy Question 6.

How about downloading torrents?

I don’t know if you would believe me, but even after graduating in a whole degree of computer science that spanned around four long years, I did not know what torrents were. I used to watch a lot of downloaded movies back then which clearly had the term torrent written on them, but even then it never occurred to me to give a damn search on the topic. But later when I got into job, which is at least in my perspective is when we start learning and researching, I got interested into the concept of torrents and fell in love with it.

Torrents are an interesting topic you know, it’s fun how it works. You should Google it and read about it. When I say you “should” google, I mean it. It is really important that you put some effort into what you are reading. If you can get one piece of information from reading one post, if you are googling about a topic, you can easily get one hundred from that search.

How torrents affect privacy is what I wanted to say. Why do people like us, you and me rely on torrents? Mostly to get pirated stuff. When I say stuff, it is everything, movies, songs, series softwares and keygens. But is this actually a good idea? IMHO? No.. not unless you actually do have a proper VPN or some security system in place for that.

Just like privacy Piracy is a very serious issue in nowadays. Using pirated softwares and watching unlicensed videos are considered a serious offence. Do you know that you are becoming a member in the list of people authorities would like to observe when you are downloading torrents? Well, you should know that. And more than that, if not used wisely most of the bit torrent applications, even the protocol as such is not perfect and cause catastrophic damage to your machine by opening it to hackers.

What to do? Better use VPNs, be aware about the privacy issues that could come from using torrents, and use rated and secure torrent clients.

Privacy Question 7. read the privacy policy statements of service providers?

Ahem… The fucking privacy policy. Ever heard of it? Oh… some vague memory of something that you clicked I agree , I Agree and for fucks sake I agree. Yep the same document.

Did you take like a million hours to read through the legal statements and boring things they have to tell you about what happens to your data when you are signing up? Do you know how much data they hold about you ? No ? Really ? Well you should had when you had a chance.

Oh you made the deal with the devil. Trust me when I say the devil, I mean it. It is really startling what all data the companies collect from you. For example, read this document from Google. Is it just me or do you too think that there are some things in the statements that sounds not so alright?

Some of the mail providers say that any mail after 30 days belong to them. Even if we are to delete the mails from our inbox or trash, it just means those mails are hidden to us.

And above all of that , I am sure that by now you might have already heard about Cambridge analytica and all the issues Zuckerberg had to go through. Isn’t that enough and more of issues for you to understand about the privacy concerns that comes through such service providers?

Privacy Question 8. images on Insta and FB, ever checked if they have meta info?

I don’t exactly remember the year or date, but it was around the time Google Plus was released. Facebook was in its upstream. People was so crazy about facebook, they don’t know what is life without Facebook. As a matter of fact, I was all over it like everyone. Liking, poking, anything and everything.
Everything was about Facebook. Even the pictures we took was to be posted into facebook. People won’t eat anything without posting about it, it was considered a serious crime if you did not post the time you went to take a dump around then. Then, poor Google thought why don’t we do something about this? We should make something like Facebook, except for without much thoughts on how to win this shit. Well… I don’t know what google was thinking when they launched Google Plus, but it did not had the thing to go viral. I am not trying to talk about how to make a social media site popular, that is too much bullshit.

So what happened was around this time, I read an article where a woman was abducted by a stalker. I hope you all know what stalking is. Oh you fuking saints dont know what stalking is? It is tailing and disturbing someone who dont even like to see your shadow. So this girl was abducted by a cyber stalker and it didn’t take the cops much time to hunt him down, but when he was finally caught, Policia told the press that the stalker used Google Plus to stalk the victim. He told the police that the Google Plus photos she posted back then had the geographic coordinates marked in the details.

That my friend, is a meta data. If you don’t know what metadata is, it is the data about the data. You can read all of that in Wikipedia, but the thing what I want to say is, when we all post a shit load of photos and pics over the internet, we should know that such a thing exists and all of those pics contain shit load of data about you. That could include from the camera make and model, the lighting constraints and the focal length to the Geo coordinates that you took that pic on. Well… tell me, are you really sure you want to fucking post your way home by clicking pics and uploading them into the wild internet without thinking twice?

Privacy Question 9.

Remember passwords in Browsers

I am still confused about this, because I still can’t figure it out if this is a real stupidity to do it? Because are people that dumb? I mean, if you sit in a dark room with an air gapped computer inside a faraday cage, yes, you can let your browser remember the password for you, but otherwise? Really? I sometimes seriously wonder why that feature is even up there in such terrific times of insecurity. I once happened to stumble upon a computer inside a cafe. Trust me, I never liked the guy who owned it, he seemed really nefarious and I used to think he was running a keylogger or something on the machines there. But, what I found really funny in that cafe was that, many people, who never owned a computer, and those who wanted to watch porn “not from” own machine, they all came there to the cafe and used to use the machines. The funny browsers then offer them to store the passwords for them and they fucking accepted it? Really? I found around twelve valid passwords back then that belonged to people. I am talking about times before Google even started thinking about the concept of an OTP.

Let that be the case of stupid people. Browsers are so evolving now that they are fucking humongous about the features they offer. I heard that they will even introduce a feature that would let you smell shit out of the computer (believe that and I am going to kick you in your balls,for girls – Ass). But how many of us actually do use updated browsers? I guess most of them update by themselves now. But have you guys heard of the BeEF? Oh not the red piece of meat that we could use to make steak, I mean the Browser Exploitation Framework. The funny fucking piece of software that allows hackers to peep into the privacy of browsers of victim users? Yep you heard it right. It is a whole big piece of software that allows a hacker to build a site with a few links that if you visit a page of the site, will take away almost everything that you have in your browser (well almost everything).

So tell me, what was your password again?

Privacy Question 10.

Use password patterns and pins

Oh yes yes, I forgot this point and it came last. I don’t know, my bullshit meter is not glowing too much now, not sure maybe I am feeling a little sleepy right now. I am unable to keep up with the pace. Hence the long delay in the posts. I know you might be bored. But you have other better things to do in life right? Like using same password for a hundred accounts?

When I first visited the site haveibeenpwned, I was like What the fuck !!!! I guess they still have that list of the most common passwords that people use, and few of the passwords are still the dumbest that someone could type. But my question is, how dumb are you?

You might be using the password meter that google gives when you attempt to create an account with them. You might have felt that, Oh wow you good looking lucky bastard, your password looks so good, maybe I should use that password everywhere including every porn site that is listed in tblop? Well… You should go fuck yourself if you are doing that.

Don’t ever ever use the same password anywhere. And remember, don’t use patterns either.
I had a friend who used to create passwords out of patterns, every password of his was using a four digit in the front, then a common phrase and another four digits at the back. The last four was his birth year, the middle common phrase was his middle name in reverse and the first four was the day he created the password. What the fuck is this logic again? I cracked one of his password and then it was like a cake walk for me into all of his accounts including his special fetish porn site. Who in the fuck would do that? You ? Are you doing that? Like i said , go fuck yourself.

Hmmm…. that was the final question I wanted to ask you. And right after that I checked my list of the topics I wanted to write about and the fucking funny thing is, all I have covered is like 1 percentage of the topics. Shit, I am damn too slow. Sorry guys for such a slow pace. But, day life is almost shitty like yours, all I get is the night, which I want to sleep, or else I will mess up my day life as well. So… I am using my astral projection dimension like Doctor Strange to write stuff… No, I am not smoking pot, NO.

I promise I will write more often. Well, if you really like the post, let me know, it will encourage me to write more. I am not planning to flush this site down the toilet of ads or anything, I just want people to realize stuff and make a difference in life of theirs. So… Let me know your thoughts. And , I havent forgot my promises about vpn routers and raspberry Pi router. I will come with the posts about them as soon as possible.

до свидания. (goodbye) [dasvidaniya]

5 thoughts on “Internet Privacy,10 questions Part 2”

  1. Hey there, long time since I have been here. I was sitting at work, kinda depressed hoping for penis enlargement pills ads to come through to convince me that I will be happier with a bigger shlong and to my surprise I have noticed notifications about your posts in there. Thanks for the mention as well, that brighten up my day.

    I have read through two parts that I have missed and even though I am still learning about that stuff there are always new bits I am happy to pick up. I will look into new ways of keeping my passwords away from the browsers.

    With that being said, your and my intention to create more awareness around the topic of privacy is certainly noble one and important one for folks like us but perhaps destined to fail for common people.. sadly.

    This thought came to me when I was busy with testing security of some of the home appliences you have mentioned here that provides us with the window to the internet. I shared (vaguely) my findings with some of my friends who are not as versed in technology, hoping that would spark a genuine need for protecting our privacy and the response I get varied from: “I have nothing to hide” to “it is something I don’t understand” to “my ISP is taking care of that” to “you are trying to sell me something I dont need”.

    I was in fact offering service where I could “pentest” the router, provide evidence and a solution. Perhaps more indepth survey should yield more insightful findings. But at the moment it is my impression that people simply do not have a NEED for privacy. Have we given up on it collectively ? Who thought us that privacy is something we should not value ?

    I do not mean to discourage you from spreading the message, hey not many folk have heard of pioneers like Moxie Marlinspike and he amongst many others is doing the most important work for all of us. I will be looking forward to more of your bullshit:).

    All the best.

    1. Hey,
      Thanks again. Well, to be honest in this perspective, I too have faced these issues while talking to people about privacy. Recently happened to take a session on social media security issues to a small crowd, people were like “yea okey… so what?”. And it took me quite some time to convince them that they should start using incognitos and start updating stuff in time.

      Well, most people are like “Why do I need this until they gets that kick right in the nuts”, sometimes that’s what we might have to do is give a small share of that kick in advance. I had this one friend who dared me to do a DOS on a LAN. Didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to get that to him. The fun thing was he got the idea of what it feels like to be violated. Well spoiled a good part of his soccer for that. But still… he got the point eventually. I am not saying we should hack people to teach them, but… yea… time to time… a small kick is needed.

      And, thank you for reading these articles and giving me a motivation. I simply feel awesome when someone responds to a post like that. :). you too have a great time.

  2. PS. I have noticed the difference between using VPN and not using VPN on your website. VPN free device revealed the details of its location and characteristics but VPN one was well.. private not giving away this info. Nice touch!

    1. Well I have plans to do more with that part, day job keeping me busy. Will try to include as much details as possible. Any suggestions?

      1. One at the moment, just from top of my head. Since your website and many others on the internet use insecure HTTP instead of HTTPS it might be a good idea to show the visitors the difference between the two by displaying sniffed information that user puts on your website for eg. login details and passwords in the form. Just like wireshark can do with ftp requests or any other unencrypted ones.

        I will chip in with more ideas as I go through the subject.

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